If [you’re] seeing something is not working, don’t just cross your fingers and hope it is going to change. Get up, turn, keep going.”

I am so excited to be joined by Margaret Wishingrad, Co-Founder and CEO of Three Wishes – a better-for- you cereal brand. Margaret and her husband own an advertising agency in NYC which inspired her to create her own brand. Margaret saw a true need in the market for a healthier cereal option. There were 3 things (wishes) she wanted to change about cereal – high protein, low in sugar, and gluten and grain free.

In today’s episode of The Irresistible Factor, Margaret shares how she believes having a delicious product is the most important part of a successful brand. Margaret spent 2 years developing her product to make sure it was absolutely perfect before launching by getting lots of people involved in taste testing her product – in fact, during Covid, she actually did drive through taste tests from her driveway!

“Good branding can only get you so far, but the product and what’s inside is really the key.”

Building a brand is never easy, but if you’ve identified a problem worth solving and you stick to your mission, it pays off. Margaret has some fascinating insights into the challenges of having a brand versus working on a brand and shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way. Margret shares tips on getting retailers invested in your product, successfully running an omnichannel business, and how to always be a few steps ahead! Most importantly, how to push through challenges, and never give up!

“Never give up. Eventually, it pays off.”


Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with Three Wishes Co-Founder and CEO, Margaret Wishingrad. 


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • The challenge of having a brand versus marketing a brand
  • How they funded their extensive product development
  • The importance of being nimble and adaptable
  • Lessons she’s learned from running an advertising agency
  • Three Wishes’ approach to e-commerce


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