Hi, I’m Kristi. I’m a Brand Consultant, CEO and Wellness Freak. With over 20 years experience working with national food and beverage brands, I’m uniquely positioned to help with just about every aspect of your brand. Plus, I’m CEO of the Sawtooth Group. So when you work with me you’ll get all my expertise plus access to my award-winning in-house Creative, Strategy, Planning, and Media teams. We can offer you all this and more:

Brand Consulting

No matter what we do for you, I’ll start by taking a look at everything you’re doing. Then what your competition is doing. A full-on brand audit. And before we do anything, I’ll ask a ton of questions and my team will provide you with a brand analysis.

Brand Strategy

I approach your business goals with curiosity and know-how to lead you towards strong business results. And every decision connects back to a business building strategy that’s been built through a collaboration between our collective teams.


I believe Irresistible creative is equal parts medium and message. That’s why my Creative team is always collaborating with my Strategy, Planning and Media teams. No matter what we create, we mine consumer insights, unlock the most compelling communications ideas and deliver seamless and exciting brand experiences.

Content Creation

Our in-house production team creates Irresistible custom content, based on your brand objectives. Our content capabilities cover just about everything your brand needs today to create an effective content library. From Food photography to Video, Social and Influencer Marketing.


I believe in integrated Digital Media Planning, so my Media, Account Management and Creative teams are all under one roof. Being totally connected means we can easily and efficiently stay ahead of emerging media technologies, collaborate around creative possibilities, pinpoint strategic integrations and build cross-platform campaigns.


It’s more important than ever that brands position their products in the best light possible, whether on your own website or on Amazon. That’s why my in-house e-commerce team audits, analyzes and transforms product pages. We do everything from auditing customer reviews to creating Irresistible product pages and FAQs to developing product image development and writing selling points and more.


We give clients the opportunity to enrich and transform brand and consumer connections by delivering 1:1 brand-to-consumer experiences. It’s just one of our many “secret weapons.

Data-driven Insights

We created I-Factor to unlock long-lasting consumer relationships. I-Factor marries quantifiable data, insights, and emotion. It’s the only research tool that quantifies the relationship with your consumer and uncovers the why’s behind the data. In less than four weeks, I-Factor can deliver actionable insights around positioning, messaging platforms, media and communication planning. It’s even available as a self-serve digital platform with real-time social data. So you can observe and analyze your consumers’ thoughts and actions in real time.

Media Planning

My passion is giving clients impactful media solutions grounded in creativity and analytics. That’s why my media team comes from all facets of the industry including media planning, buying, sales, and publishing. We have deep experience in TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, alternative Out-Of-Home, Mobile, Digital, Brand Integration, Hyper-local and so much more.

Social Media

I believe that to engage consumers effectively, brands need to participate organically in the conversation through Social Media Marketing. That’s why I consult with brands on everything from content creation to strategically navigating the social landscape and engaging influencers.

Have Question? I Have Answers.

Ready to unlock your brand’s true potential? I’d love to set up a no-cost, no-commitment consultation today. Start by telling me a little about what you’re looking for.