I live and breathe health, wellness, food, marketing, and content. In a nutshell, I know what it takes to lead brands on a journey to true Irresistibility. Because in today’s super-crowded marketplace, I believe agencies need to be activists for brands, but also for consumers. Being transparent and truly authentic is the only way consumers will notice you, trust you and ultimately share you with everyone they know.

As a mom, a foodie and a marketer with 20+ years consulting with national brands, I’m uniquely positioned to help with just about every aspect of your brand. Plus, I’m CEO of the Sawtooth Group, located on the NJ shore close to NYC. So my consulting clients get all my expertise plus access to my award-winning in-house Creative, Strategy, Planning and Media teams.

I’m obsessed with transparency and fascinated by conscious consumers. I believe that truly, deeply, really understanding these consumers is the only way your brand has a chance of connecting with them. Because today’s consumers are motivated by transparency. With so much access to information, they’re now wired to crave more information than ever about your brand and your products. Ingredients, sourcing, people, purpose. They’re hungry for all of it and then some. And I’m in love with helping brands find the right way to be transparent to unlock their most authentic selves.