“Numbers are the backbone of a company, whether you know it or not.” 

If you’re starting a business, you know finances are more important now than ever before. That is why I am so excited to share this interview with Vincent Biscaye of Step Two Advisors. Vincent started his career in investment banking as a commodity trader. He then took a leap of faith and became an entrepreneur, leading him to eventually start his own consulting firm – Step Two. Step Two offers affordable help to CPG start-ups in business planning, finances, investor relations, and fundraising.

Vincent is also a Co-Founder of BeyondSKU New York – a northeast accelerator for CPG brands, where brands work with mentors who are experts in their field. Vincent and the BeyondSKU team are dedicated to helping start-ups thrive, as evidenced by having graduated 16 companies!  

In this episode, we talk about Vincent’s transition from a finance life to that of an entrepreneur, and just how important having a solid financial plan is for a successful brand. We also talk about the power of mentorship and advice.

“If founders can understand the word, not the word but the power to really calculate that runway, I think, and constantly re-evaluating their runway, if you’re ahead of that, you’re going to really put all the chances on your side.”


Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with Step Two  Advisors Founder, Vincent Biscaye. 


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • The process used by Step Two when consulting with new brands and clients
  • The customizable approach Vincent takes for  each of his clients
  • New barriers to gaining funding
  • A look at BeyondSKU’s business model, goals, and functions
  • How Vincent balances his two companies


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