How do you bring plant-based, nutrient-dense snacks to America, and make them irresistibly good?

That’s what Scott Jensen, Co-Founder and CEO of Rhythm Superfoods, set to find out, creating the most delicious, nutrient-packed snacks.  On my podcast, The Irresistible Factor, Scott and I discuss how he built this innovative company, along with what it was like transitioning into the health food industry after decades of working with barbeque sauce at Stubb’s. We also explore how Rhythm Superfoods has, impressively, been able to scale over the past decade. 

Scott shares his advice for young entrepreneurs and breaks down the importance of being able to move fast: “Sometimes, what you think you have control of, life will give you something that you never could have ever thought of.” 

Tune in for a behind-the-scenes look at one of America’s most exciting health snack companies, learn how they secure funding, navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and more!

Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with Rhythm Superfoods’ Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Jensen.

Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • A breakdown of supply chain risks when using fresh fruits and vegetables 
  • The short time frames that Rhythm Superfoods has to work with and how it affects their ability to scale
  • A breakdown of the process that transforms their products from a vegetable into a chip
  • Scott’s connection with music and how it determined the name Rhythm Superfoods
  • How Inflation has affected Rhythm Superfoods


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