CJ Rapp, founder of Karma Water, is on a mission to shake up the beverage industry, transforming water into wellness.

Ready-to-drink health beverages with active ingredients, like probiotics and vitamins, lose their strength over time. That’s why Karma Water is so special — they created a special cap that stores active ingredients. When consumers are ready to drink the beverage, they can release all that goodness into the water, creating a better, better-for-you beverage. 

In our conversation, CJ talks about his long career in the beverage industry and experience with his first brand of energy drinks, Jolt. We talk about the story of Jolt and why CJ decided to make a pivot into the health and wellness space with Karma. 

“I tend to spend more time on what is not working well,” CJ told me. “They say you should build out your strengths. I figure where we get it right, that will take care of itself, and where my time needs to be better spent are the areas that need improvement.”

We also talk about the Karma launch strategy, involving a process of iteratively improving through a slow rollout on a shoestring budget, and how this attracted the strategic partnership of beverage giant Constellation Brands. Tuning in, you’ll hear perspectives on the burgeoning cannabis industry and CJ’s plans to release a new CBD product as soon as regulations allow for it!

Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with CJ Rapp, Karma Water Founder. 


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • What differentiates Karma Water from other drinks in the health and wellness space
  • How early-stage brands can learn through a smart, small-scale product rollout
  • The challenge of satisfying the FDA’s standards, and why Karma Water’s launch was delayed


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