For food-and-beverage brands, being unafraid to ask questions is key.

“Something I wish that we had done early on is leaning into the [food and beverage] community,” shares Co-Founder of Drink Sound, Tommy Kelly. “And not feeling like every problem needed to be solved internally. And being more vulnerable and again. I think that this comes back to sort of the LinkedIn conversation a little bit — around, if you see everyone’s posting wins and how well they’re doing, you can be reluctant to say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ or “I can’t figure this out,’ or you know, ‘Help me,’ right?”

On this episode of my podcast, The Irresistible Factor, we dive into the story of how two engineers working in the nuclear power industry became the founders of the coveted carbonated, unsweetened, organic tea company. Tommy shares how this journey has come with its fair share of challenges, but how his long-term focus and passion for quality ingredients catapulted the brand to household-name status. 

Tommy’s advice? Welcome change, but be clear on your values.

“Our brand name has changed,” he says, “our packaging has changed, our flavors have changed, our route to market has changed. All of these things have evolved but one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to ingredient quality, our commitment to helping people drink less sugar.”


Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with Co-Founder, Tommy Kelly


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • Why Tommy and his co-founder, Salim, decided to call their company Sound. 
  • Why Sound discontinued one of their flavors
  • The community-centered attitude characteristic of the natural foods industry
  • Sound’s expansion plans


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