“…Our packaging has to be really on point and say exactly what we do and then the shortest amount of time possible, so we’ve worked really hard on that too. We’ve tried to make our packaging extremely clear, concise, and persuasive so that for that split second when you have a consumer up near the register and sees your product, they know exactly what it does.  

I am delighted to be joined by the CEO of More Labs, Josh Groff, on Today’s episode of The Irresistible Factor. More Labs is a dietary supplements company that makes small shot-sized drinks to elevate your daily performance. Josh talks all about their first and most popular Sku, Morning Recovery; a liver detox supplement that helps to neutralize the toxins in your body, keeping you feeling fresh the next day after drinking.

Josh joined More Labs three and a half years ago and has brought tons of knowledge and experience to the table. Josh has been in the beverage business for 17 years working with both big and small brands, and has experience in everything from finance to marketing, to sales, and management.

Josh and I discuss More Labs’ move to retail, and how they’re growing by showcasing their products at events, concerts, resorts, and hotels. We also talk about the challenge of regulations around using the word “hangover” on their packaging, and how they were able to refine and tweak their messaging  to be wildly clear and concise in order to get their message across. 


Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with More Labs CEO, Josh Groff. 


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • The marketing and education challenges More Labs has faced  
  • How More Labs is handling the difficulties of capital raising and why it’s important to find the right fit
  • What it’s been like for Josh to go from working for other people to being in charge as CEO
  • How things have evolved digitally for More Labs over the last few years


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