Do you really know what’s in your pet’s food?

On today’s episode of The Irresistible Factor I am joined by Haley Russell, the Founder and CEO of Chippin Pet. Haley has set out to disrupt the pet food industry. She launched a brand of high quality pet nutrition that is powered by planet friendly protein (think  insects, invasive species, and algae). She started with treats and is about to launch food.

“When it comes to pet nutrition, I couldn’t find something that was high quality, tasty, and better for the planet, so I decided to make it.”

Haley’s inherent entrepreneurial qualities combined with her high degree of consciousness around food led her to create this incredibly innovative brand. Chippin isn’t just another pet food brand; it’s a brand that is revolutionizing an industry in desperate need of disruption, while also benefiting the planet.

Haley and I discuss how she determined what ingredients are the best sources of protein for our pets, how she educates pet owners, and how she’s going about creating awareness. We also talk about the importance of testing your product and making sure it is exactly right before going all in.


Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with Chippen Founder and CEO, Haley Russell. 


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • Her POV on the problem with mainstream pet food
  • Why she believes Chippin will have widespread appeal
  • What Haley enjoyed about the process of raising capital
  • Chippin’s lighthearted approach to addressing serious issues



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