From a young age, we are conditioned to believe that weird is bad. However, Goodles Co-Founders, Deb Luster and Paul Earle, argue that “weird” is in fact the fabric of success. “Weird is where the magic lives. If you find it, hold on to it, [and] ride it to the future,” Paul shares.

Goodles is the newest disruptor of the mac-and-cheese industry — tasty, nutritious and simply “gooder” than everything that came before. (Plus, celebrity Gal Gadot is one of their Founding Partners.)

Deb and Paul have incredible backgrounds: Deb is Goodles’ Chief Impact Officer, and was also on the founding team of Annie’s. And Paul, Deb’s Co-Founder, wears another hat, too, as the faculty of Northwestern at the Kellogg School of Management. 

“I’m a writer by background,” Paul explains, and then corrects — “actually, business person. I’ve never been professionally trained as a writer. I was editor of my newspaper in college and I’ve always enjoyed writing. Now, as an entrepreneur, as a practitioner, and also academically because I teach at Northwestern, I’ve long felt that, as people talk about innovation, nomenclature usually isn’t even in the equation. It usually doesn’t even make the show. But actually, words are incredibly powerful. The right word, at the right time, can evoke emotion.”

On this episode of my podcast, The Irresistible Factor, Deb and Paul describe their brand world and how it extends far beyond product and logo. We discuss the revolution unfolding in the consumer product industry, the power of words in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the importance of finding the right investors. (“We actually say ‘no’ to investors if we have the idea that they may be looking at us for the wrong reasons,” Deb reveals.)

Deb and Paul generously share the lessons they’ve learned along the way, the challenges they’ve faced, and their astute advice for building a successful brand. 


Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with Goodles Co-Founders, Deb Luster and Paul Earle.


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • How celebrity Gal Gadot became part of the Goodles team
  • The story behind the name “Goodles”
  • How the Goodles brand world is imbued with a spirit of fun
  • What can be attributed to Goodles’ jumpstart to success
  • The immense challenge of starting a new company, and why Deb and Paul chose to do so


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