“Your brand is the most important thing. I mean, especially if you’re going to be selling brick and mortar,” advises Clover Vitality Co-Founder and Partner, Bert Cohen. “That’s what consumers see first, and if they glossed by it, and don’t spend any time, or don’t notice it or don’t understand what’s going on from looking at the packaging, you’ve lost. That’s definitely where you need to spend some time and money upfront.”

On my podcast, The Irresistible Factor, Bert shares his fascinating, extensive career — moving from founding his own companies to funding emerging food and beverage brands. We discuss what Bert looks for in brands to invest in and how he and his team determine how successful the brand can be. 

We also dive into the importance of a brand’s founder, along with the ethos Clover Vitality is looking for in the companies they invest in. You’ll love hearing how Bert defines capital efficiency, his views on product distribution, and his advice on why gross margins are imperative for sustainability and success. 

Listen to The Irresistible Factor’s Interview with Clover Vitality Co-Founder and Partner, Bert Cohen.


Here’s what you won’t want to miss from our conversation: 

  • What investors look for in brands 
  • A dive into how taking capital from investors can give companies the outside push needed to be successful
  • The importance of data in investment — and how it can be misleading
  • How valuation impacts the appeal of companies to investors


Links mentioned in this episode: 

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