Millennials used their influence to dethrone cereal from the breakfast table, forever changing the way we eat breakfast. How will Gen Z, all 68 million of them, influence the food market in their own way?

This webinar will dive into the snacking habits of Gen Z. We’ll explore the potential challenges food brands face as this highly influential generation steps into their buying power and take an up-close look into the snack bar’s category to uncover Brand Irresistibility.

The Sawtooth Group has helped many brands understand and connect with new generations of consumers. We’re excited to share our insights and tools with you in our thought-provoking Gen Z webinar.

Here’s some food for thought: Gen Z’s unconventional buying habits are only just beginning to reshape the future of the industry. So how will their growing brand impact your brand?

Watch and you’ll get:

  • A look at Gen Z’s emerging snacking penchant and how it may continue to shape and influence the food category
  • A deep dive into the subconscious of Gen Z to discover how their thoughts and feelings about snacking may impact your brand and the marketplace as a whole
  • A close look at the snack bar category and how that insight can be used to inspire your brand’s next great innovation