Gen Z is coming in hot. All 68 million of them. And while they share similarities with Millennials, it’s no surprise they’re a generation ready to make their own mark.

Is your brand ready to greet them? Most aren’t. Marketers are just getting confident with millennials. But now’s the time to embrace Gen Z and all their emerging habits, personalities, and preferences. As a youth-obsessed culture, we know THIS is the age where it all begins.

In this webinar, we’ll dig into what makes the next generation of influencers different and how their view of, the world can help shape the shopping and marketing trends of the future. We’ll explore the challenges marketers and brands face in getting and staying connected to this hard-wired, Post-Millennial, generation of sharers.

The Sawtooth Group has helped many Brands understand and connect with new generations of consumers and we are excited to share our insights and tools with you in this webinar about Gen Z.

Watch and you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive look at their views and the impact their strong values can have on your brand; including their open-minded, fluid beliefs and lifestyles
  • A deep dive into the digital minds and behaviors of Gen Z and what brands can do to get them engaged
  • How building brand loyalty might be radically different in the coming years and what you can do to pave the pathway to a strong relationship with the next powerhouse generation