What if you could prove that putting your brand on the shelf would mean more revenue for retailers? Or that investing in your start-up would deliver guaranteed returns?

If you are trying to get or keep distribution, grow a start-up brand or are deciding which ones to invest in, having the kind of data that proves your potential is absolutely critical.

And it takes quantitative AND qualitative data to understand the potential of a brand’s relationship with consumers. What motivates them to try a brand, to stay loyal? Smart investors are demanding numbers and statistics before they invest.

Retailers are inundated with new brands every day, all fighting for valuable shelf space. There’s a huge bottom-line advantage to having the data to prove that your brand will be successful.

Whether you’re a start up, a marketer, or an investor, this webinar has invaluable information for you.

If you aren’t evaluating your brand potential with accurate, measurable data, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

Watch and you’ll get:

  • A look at the struggles and challenges for growing brands
  • Advice on using data to demonstrate potential to investors and retailers
  • Examples of brands that are winning big distribution deals and much-needed capital
  • How I-Factor®, a dynamic brand-building tool with data-driven insights, can help prove the worth and power of your brand

The Sawtooth Group has helped numerous brands raise capital and expand distribution with data and insights from I-Factor®. Don’t miss out on this informative webinar with tips and tools that can help brands get the data and insights they need to expand.